How to participate in SHARKO Token Sales

Here are the steps needed to take part in the Sharknado DAO SHARKO Initial Token Sale.

1) Go to

2) Connect your Metamask or WalletConnect wallet.

3) Click on the Buy button

4) Insert the amount of BNB you want to buy. You can also use WBNB by unchecking the “Use BNB” checkmark.

5) Confirm the transaction within your wallet.

6) Wait for the transaction confirmation, you should see this message once its confirmed.

7) You will now be able to redeem your tokens by clicking on Redeem and then on the Claim button. Each block will update the amount of tokens that you can redeem.

Phase 2, vSHARKO and vSHARKOS will work in the same way but the buy in token will be SHARKO/BNB LP or other LPs.

Attention: If you have already bought from the sale, buying again with the same wallet will reset your vesting period and forfeit any pending claimable rewards. We recommend claiming rewards first or using a fresh wallet.

Why to buy in phase 1

-You will get at least 50% more tokens than if you had bought from the market. (at the moment of writing the ROI is about 60%)

-If you buy 1 BNB or more, you will get bonus vSHARKOS depending on the amount of BNB deposited. You will also receive a free Sharknado NFT (Once we will mint them) which will guarantee special privileges in the ecosystem.
-PHASE 2 Sale should increase the market price because to acquire LP, users will have to buy SHARKO tokens off the market.

-You will help the project succeed, granting a good starting liquidity and funds to build a stronger community & dApp ecosystem.


vSHARKO and vSHARKOS are tokens that can be used to redeem vested SHARKO and SHARKOS. The process to claim SHARKO and SHARKOS using their corrispective token, will be the same as buying in the PHASE 1 sale. This means that you will be able to claim SHARKO / SHARKOS linearly with a 90 day vesting schedule.



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