Sharknado Coin Introduction

Sharknado Coin Aka $SHARKO Token
“The Starsharks Community Token”

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We strongly believe that Starsharks will be the next Axie Infinity, for this reason we built Sharknado Coin. One of the main goals of the SHARKO token is to give more power to the Starsharks community.

Sharknado Coin helps you make the most out of Game-Fi in three ways: Earn, Play & DAO.

That’s not all… We wanted Sharknado coin to be innovative in the Game-Fi space introducing some incredible new features for a community coin such as:

  • Protocol Owned Liquidity. Any transaction adds liquidity and send LPs to the DAO treasury. (We also plan to develop a bond system)
  • Offchain governance on SnapShot with Onchain execution through SafeSnap. (not a centralized reflect token!)
  • Long term sustainability first. Most community & reflect tokens have insanely high fees 10% or more, this makes them highly unsustainable because any transactions will strongly decrease the token value. For this reason we implemented low fees (3%).

Lets jump straight to the main Sharknado Coin use cases!

💸 Earn

Rewarding the community

Simply hold SHARKO tokens to earn $SEA rewards.

Stake for more SHARKO

You can stake SHARKO tokens on Sharknado Swap Pools to start earning even more SHARKO tokens. In a similar way you can also earn while playing to win NFTs stacking your prize pool LP tickets in its dedicated staking pool.

Rewarding Liquidity Providers

Liquidity providers will not only earn exchange fees but they can also stake their LPs into its dedicated Sharknado Swap Pool.

🎲 Play

No Loss / Low Loss Prize Pools

Stake your SHARKO tokens in a pool on the Sharknado Play Dapp to have a chance to win Starsharks NFTs, $SEA tokens and more… You can’t lose any of your tokens excluded the transaction fees. Thats why we like to call our lotteries Low Loss Prize Pools.

Guaranteed Rewards for Players

Staking your SHARKO in a prize pool will also entitle you to claim more SHARKO tokens from the prize pool faucet in the same way as a staking pool works. This guarantees that even if you don’t win in the lottery you don’t go home with empty hands.

More games and Sharknado NFT Collection coming soon!

Prize Pools are just a starting point, we have a lot more planned for the future of the Sharknado Coin ecosystem. Indeed, we plan to build more games and drop our own NFT collections.

🏛️ DAO

Empowering the Community

The DAO first and most important role is to empower the community increasing SHARKO value in a multitude of ways. DAO have many ways to fund its treasury, all the funds and decisions are managed from the community through the governance protocol.

Vote off-chain / Execute on-chain

SHARKO is the first reflect/community token to implement on-chain vote execution through the SafeSnap module built by Gnosis for the off-chain voting platform SnapShot. Devs can’t do anything with DAO Treasury funds without the community support.

Self Owned Liquidity (DeFi 2.0)

We are proud to be pioneers in the DeFi 2.0 space. DAO Treasury owns most of the protocol liquidity. This makes SHARKO the first 100% decentralized and trustless Game-Fi 2.0 protocol.

Being the liquidity owned by the DAO, there is no chance of rug pulls and liquidity unstability, this guarantees higher price stability.


Open Source & Secure — Everything is open source. We use all the best security practices & audited SCs.

On-chain Governance — DAO partecipants can vote offchain with onchain execution through SafeSnap.

Long Term Vision — We made anything sustainable and scalable for the future expansion.

Fair Launch — As we strive for decentralization we decide to distribute the tokens fairly.

More info about IDO/IFO coming soon! Dont’t forget to join us on Discord or follow us on Twitter to stay updated

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***Sharknado Coin is built from the community and its not affiliated with Starsharks***



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