We are building dApps for the Starsharks ecosystem

The Starsharks Community Token”

Sharknado Swap, available at https://swap.sharknado.io

We strongly believe Starsharks is the next Axie Infinity, for this reason we are building products to enhance its underlying GameFi ecosystem.

Some of our goals are:

  • rewarding the communty;
  • pioneering gamefi 2.0;
  • increasing Starsharks’ assets value;
  • simplyfing and innovating Defi;
  • on-chain DAO owns LPs.

Simplifying DeFi

We are building innovative applications to simplify the Sharkstars Defi infrastructure such as:

  • Sharknado Swap: trade, add liquidity or stake SHARKO, SEA, SSS and more…
  • Zap LP: add liquidity with 1 click on SHARKO, SEA, SSS & more…
  • Passive Income: earn SEA for holding SHARKO, SSS for holding SHARKOS
  • Bond: bond SHARKO, SEA, SSS LPs for SHARKO & SHARKOS (Coming Soon)

Expanding GameFi

We explore new opportunities to incorporate financial principles into Starsharks gaming economy in a way that increase its assets value.

  • No Loss Lotteries: win SEA, SSS & Sharks NFT without losing your deposit.
  • Low Loss Lotteries: win SEA, SSS & Sharks NFT by paying a small fee.
  • NFT Staking: stake sharks NFT to earn passive incomes.
  • Rent & Scholarships: we rent Sharks NFT & provide Scholarships for players.
  • Landlording: we buy, sell, rent and build on Starsharks lands. (Coming Soon)

There is more than dApps though…

First of all we are a community and second we are a self governed organization thanks to our on-chain DAO.

United we stand, divided we fall

What would be a community token without a strong and cohese community?

  • The DAO: community members can vote and execute on-chain thanks to SafeSnap
  • Distributed fairly: SHARKO and SHARKOS are fairly distributed.
  • Airdrops: free tokens for starsharks community members.
  • Incentives: incentivizing Sharknado Coin & Starsharks adoption with rewards.
  • Content: promote and reward Starsharks games content creators.
  • Memeability: we possibly have the most memeable name in the crypto history.


Thanks to the DAO treasury the value of SHARKO acquires even more value.

  • POL: the DAO owns most of its liquidity (Protocol Owned Liquidity)
  • Treasury: treasury is funded in many ways, voters manage the funds.
  • Vote off-chain, execute on-chain enjoy gasless off-chain votes with true on-chain execution thanks to SafeSnap module.
  • Built on Binance Smart Chain: powered by the most growing blockchain.
  • Grants: the DAO will manage Starsharks game development through grants.

More info about IDO/IFO coming soon! Dont’t forget to join us on Discord or follow us on Twitter to stay updated

Learn more: https://sharknado.io

Docs: https://docs.sharknado.io

Airdrop & Bounties: https://docs.sharknado.io/sharko-token/airdrop-and-bounties

***Sharknado Coin is built from the community and its not affiliated with Starsharks***



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